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Jimmie & Rebecca
Located 140 miles southeast of Seattle in the fertile Yakima Valley of central Washington is Sunnyslope Ranch, an organic stone fruit orchard and packing operation.  With a frost free location on the south slope of a small hill, this ranch is situated in an ideal area for growing premium, organic stone fruit.

In 2005, Sunnyslope Ranch was purchased by Jimmie Wellman and Rebecca Hunt, a husband and wife team.  With extended family joining in to help with the day to day operations, Jimmie and Rebecca have remained committed to the growth and continued development of the ranch.

Sunnyslope Ranch has been a certified organic operation by the Washington State Department of Agriculture for over twenty-five years.  Jimmie and Rebecca work diligently to maintain the same high quality, organic prodcuts to which their loyal customers are accustomed.  The orchard and packing operations were recertified organic under their ownership in May 2005, and has been inspected each year by WSDA in order to keep the certification current.

It is our family's mission to grow, harvest, and deliver to the consumer the highest quality, organic, tree-ripened stone fruit.

Working with nature to provide for today while preserving tomorrow...The Family

*We add back nutrients to the soil using organic composted chicken manure, feather meal, and mulching tree trimmings and grass clippings.

*We preserve our top soil by not tilling.

*We use natural grasses as a cover crop to protect the top soil from blowing away with the wind and also to help with water retention.

*We are good stewards of the water and do not allow excessive watering or run-off to occur.

*We work with our environment by growing fruit varieties that do well in our climate and soil type.

*We use natural intervention in pest control whenever possible.  (Lady Bugs, Lacewings, pheromones)

*We use any necessary spray materials judiciously, and all of them are certified for organic use. 

*We keep our carbon footprint at a minimum by harvesting, sorting, packing and storing our fruit at one location prior to transporting to our customers.

*We recycle all possible materials - cardboard, newspapers, magazines, aluminum cans & plastic bottles.


To read more about our commitment to Growing Organic visit our Why Organic page.

Address:  730 Henderson Rd   
               Wapato, WA  98951    
Phone:  (509) 877-2773
WSDA Certified Organic
Tilth Producers Member

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